Is It Time To Assess Your Business’s Security

Assess Your Business’s Security


Where do you start when it’s time to assess your business’s security? As every business is unique, there is no one size fits all solution.

To get an understanding of what security needs your business might require, we’ve created a few simple questions to get your thinking on the right track.

Does your business have a security checklist?

A security checklist doesn’t have to be complicated — it can simply be a document that you create in Microsoft Word. The value of creating a checklist is twofold. Not only will you now have a checklist for you and your employees to reference, but also through the process of creating the checklist you will be assessing your business’s security vulnerabilities.

Does your business utilise both physical and digital security?

Having a 10-foot-high fence around your property might slow down someone trying to steal your raw material or stock; however, it won’t do anything to stop a hacker gaining access to your companies intellectual property or designs.

Do you understand digital security?

Security needs in the digital domain change incredibly fast, staying on top of this constantly shifting threat is a full-time job. You can purchase security software for each PC on your network, but is this going to give you peace of mind that it will stop every threat?

Depending on the size of your organisation, you should consider a dedicated I.T. Security Specialist or a corporate security supplier.

What are your lock-up and unlock procedures?

With the expectation of many businesses to be open early and close late, it is unrealistic to have one person responsible for this action. With staff working late comes fatigue, and with fatigue comes a lack of attention to detail – which can lead to a door not being locked, a window not getting shut or a gate remaining left open.

Does your business maintain a log of assets and track who holds what?

It is almost ‘the norm’ now for a business to supply staff with a phone, a laptop or a tablet to boost their productivity and service the companies’ customers. These items are often registered when provided to the employee, however are the same controls adhered to when these items are replaced due to damage, are lost or upgraded? Do you have a comprehensive register of who in the group holds keys or security tags, and do you record who has passcodes and are those codes consistently changed?

These are just a few examples of the questions you should consider when assess your business’s security, don’t get bogged down by focusing on your physical locks – as you can see, there are a lot of other avenues to consider to avoid experiencing a loss.

The security needs of business’s have changed considerably in the 20 years since Infront started. In this time, we have developed and evolved our security offering to meet these needs. We now provide a wide variety of security services to a vast range of industries. We draw on this experience to offer you valuable, relevant and useful articles that you can implement in your business. Our real strength is in evaluating and providing bespoke security solution for you and your organisation.

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