Benefits to choosing a K9 Security team

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A K9 Security team is a highly adaptable, effective tool in any business’s security arsenal. When looking at choosing the most effective security deterrents for your business, there could be many benefits to choosing a K9 Security Team.

  • Presence

A well trained K9 and its Handler are a formidable adversary, the simple presence of a K9 can effectively deter a trespasser or undesirable from entering your site.

  • Heightened Senses

A K9’s heightened senses are in many ways superior to a human, making them ideal for patrols. The enhanced situational awareness of a trained K9 to detect a hidden threat makes a K9 and Handler team a very efficient deterrent to vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour.

  • Cost Effective

The well-known ability of dogs to detect scents across large areas, instantly making the patrollable area much larger and in turn can be a very cost-effective option for larger premises.

  • Highly Skilled

K9 Security trainers spend hundreds of hours training a K9 and its Handler on behavioural, temperament and attentiveness skills. This provides the K9 and its Handler a bond beyond that of a pet and master relationship. Focus during training sessions will often encompass control, obedience, awareness, aggression and physical restraint.

These four key points are a major reason that law enforcement agencies around the world use K9s to assist in highly volatile situations or tracking and location scenarios.

These attributes make a K9 unit the most effective security deterrent, as most criminals will be hesitant to enter a premise that has a visible K9 patrol. Lawbreakers will likely be aware that a pursuit will not end with a line of sight from the pursuer, with dogs being able to keep up a chase far beyond what a human is capable of.

Then there is the purely physical deterrent. Even a confident, strong and powerful thief will know of the potential stopping power of a well-trained K9. Many criminals rely on their physical stature or threatening behaviour to intimidate, but there is no chance of that with a dog, which increases the deterrent even more.

When considering a complete security solution, deterrents and prevention measures should be in place. Through the combination of guards, monitoring technologies and K9 units, along with other traditional lock and key deterrents, a property can be effectively secured against almost any threat.

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