Prevent Internal Security Breaches

How to Prevent Internal Security Breaches

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Businesses who suffer internal security breaches often have impeccable ‘traditional’ security methodology in place. In essence, they are looking in the wrong direction.
Spending Locally

Why You Should Be Spending Locally

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In this article, we will talk about why spending locally is now the best option for businesses. A few years ago, purchasing internationally – at least across many categories – was a no-brainer.
Security Creation Tips for Your Business

Security Creation For Your Business

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Organisations have crumbled due to security breaches, because the costs associated with poor security can be crippling. Here are our top tips for defining and implementing security processes from the top down.
K9 Security Unit

K9 Security Units – The Best Defence

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A K9 Unit offer multiple advantages for any security project. Besides the increased professionalism and vigilance that dogs demonstrate, they also expand the parameters available for all security staff.
effective security guard deployment

Tips for Deploying New Security Teams Effectively

The effective management and allocation of security guards depends very much on the assignment. An industrial warehouse has different requirements to an office block. Here we have provided a few tips for deploying new security teams effectively.
What is the FluBot Scam Text Message

Don’t fall victim to scam delivery messages.

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What is the FluBot Scam Text Message? You may have seen in recent news articles that a virus is being circulated through text messages (and missed call notifications). This virus is called the FluBot and is a major concern to millions of Australian mobile phone uses.
Risk Management How can a Facilities Manager Reduce the Security Risk Factor

Risk Management: How To Reduce the Security Risks!

Security as part of risk management is an ever-changing and complicated part of a facilities manager's role. How can a Facilities Manager Reduce the Security Risk Factor?
Vital frontline role performed by security guards

The Vital Role Performed by Security Guards

There is no doubt that the past two years has highlighted the vital frontline role performed by security guards in helping to maintain the health of people, and assist in property and businesses safe.
What is cyber security?

What is Cyber Security?

What is Cyber security and what does it mean? Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly cleaver in how they target and implement attacks. The unfortunate truth is there is no one-size-fits-all approach, however to minimise vulnerability, you can implement a few key measures.
Is It Time To Assess Your Business’s Security

Assess Your Business’s Security

Is It Time To Assess Your Business’s Security? To get an understanding of what security needs your business might require, we’ve created a few simple questions to get your thinking on the right track.