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Focussing On Technology Innovation: How Can It Affect You?

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It is no doubt important that every business is focussing on technology innovation, but if it is your only focus how can it affect you and your business?

Technology is moving at an incredible rate and businesses need to stay relatively up-to-date or they will fall behind and risk losing business to their Tech savvy competitors.

Depending on the industry you are in, it seems that each week there is a new Mobile app, some new software, an Artificial Intelligence, a robotic device, or some ground-breaking improvements to existing infrastructure that are hailed as a must have. In some cases, these innovations have completely transformed industries, just look at how Uber has changed the Taxi industry.

Staying on top of these ever-changing trends and knowing which ones to adopt, can be extremely time consuming and very costly. Across many industries, we have seen businesses create advisory roles, just for their business to keep up with advancements. This places small businesses or those without significant resources to dedicate to evolution, at a severe disadvantage, without a full-time staffer to keep abreast of innovation, making any decision to upgrade is far riskier, but doing nothing means falling behind the bigger players. Unfortunately, this leaves many smaller businesses blindly improving their technology, and as a result, potential costing them lots of money, wasting vast amounts of time and exposing themselves to breaches.

When it comes to security, things change daily. In just the last 12 months, more businesses than ever are utilising online cloud systems for the storage of highly sensitive data. COVID has forced staff to work remotely, providing multiple avenues for breaches. Gyms, grocery stores, and even offices have adapted to 24 hour a day accessibility to cater to both staff and customers. Demand on both Digital and Physical Security is at an all-time peak.

With so much focus on technological advancement and digital security in the last 10 years, physical security is often overlooked, this opens businesses up to more traditional opportunities for criminal activity.

There have been numerous examples lately of businesses with faultless technology security being breached through the simplest of methodologies. Emails that should not have been opened, doors that should have been locked and comments that should not have been made have all led to disaster. The issue is vigilance and education.

While organisations need to be constantly improving their online security and enhancing their physical security infrastructure, it should be noted that the most successful virus of all time, wasn’t that clever at all. The ‘Love Bug,’ was released in the year 2000 and successfully infected tens of millions of computers around the world, not because it was a brilliant virus, but because the subject line said, “ILOVEYOU.” This simple phrase caused people to react emotionally, with security specialists, government agencies and world leaders all opening the email and corrupting their email server. In the US alone, 80% of the Federal Agencies were impacted by the Love Bug.

Likewise, one of the most common corporate security breaches remains unlocked doors and poor physical security. Criminals have found that, with corporate security being so advanced, going low-tech is far simpler than spending millions of dollars on infrastructure of their own. Talking a cleaner into giving them access to a building, looking over someone’s shoulder as they use their laptop at a café, and simply dressing up as the person who services the printer are all common and still effective ways criminals gain access to privileged information.

Don’t let technology overtake common sense. Spend time thinking about how a criminal could gain access to your information, and then make sure your security protocols plug those holes.

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