Prevent Internal Security Breaches

How to Prevent Internal Security Breaches

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Businesses who suffer internal security breaches often have impeccable ‘traditional’ security methodology in place. In essence, they are looking in the wrong direction. While it’s vital to have rigorous security focused on external breaches, it’s also critical that companies have processes in place to reduce opportunities for internal – or former internal – staff members from accessing information or stealing product, intellectual property, or money. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from internal security breaches.

1.Create Security Protocols, and Share Them

Security protocols should be part of your employee induction and should be the responsibility of everyone in the business. Explain the reasoning behind your processes, including limited access, not allowing external people into certain areas, or restriction of information. If everyone understands the reasons behind certain rules, they are far more likely to take them seriously.

2. Change Your Vital Systems

Vital systems are different for every business, but relate to your most valuable – and stealable – property. It may mean your cash on hand and how you manage it, your opening and closing methodology or how you protect your intellectual property. Change your systems and make sure your vital systems are not predictable.

3. Manage Staff Changes

Sadly, most breaches occur due to complacency. When staff leave or are fired, make sure you remove their access and adjust your systems. While staff members who feel wrongs may be unlikely to directly steal from you, or attempt to harm your business, this isn’t the primary concern. Information about your business or security that is passed onto others can mean that professional criminal begin targeting your business.

Reputational security means that your organisation is not seen as a good or soft target. Reputation is created through discipline and constant vigilance. Look at potential soft spots and give them the same attention that a criminal would.

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