Crowd Control Security by Infront, is not just about providing a physical security presence, our priority is to develop a service that will integrate seamlessly with your venue. We know that the public see the security team at your premises as employees and are therefore representing your brand. For this reason, our Crowd Control Security guards are trained to always deliver a great customer experience to your patrons and guests. We are as concerned about your reputation as you are!

We know you are not looking for intimidation for hire. The development of a team for your venue is considered with the utmost importance. Each venue is unique and attracts a unique clientele. Providing a copy and paste security solution just will not work. Infront Group’s experienced management team will get to know you and your venue and use this knowledge to focus on selecting the right team for you.

By choosing Infront Group for your Crowd Control Security, you are guaranteed to not only receive guards that hold the necessary license/RSA/First Aid and other certifications, they also have outstanding customer service and excellent conflict resolution, communication and negotiation skills. Our regular in-house training programs ensure that our staff maintain their skills, including; should they be required to resort to physical intervention, the necessary skills to do so in a discreet and professional manner.

Further points of difference of Infront’s Crowd Control Security include; regular team briefings by legal professionals, regulators and law enforcement representatives – to keep the team up to date on legal and regulatory requirements, management audits & inspections at client venues – to support our clients and staff to ensure that all legislative requirements and operational standards are being met, regular reporting for venues – to assist them to identify weekly, monthly and annual trends.

Our successful approach is demonstrated by the calibre of many of our clients including Cloudland, Empire Hotel, Birdees, Eat Street Northshore and Jade Buddha to name but a few.