K9 Security Teams

Canine Security finding perp

The addition of a skilled security K9 Team is vastly beneficial in high-risk areas, day and night including in remote locations. A well-trained K9 provides enhanced situational awareness for their handler and, in turn, increases the level of protection our security officers can provide to the assets they are tasked to protect.

The Infront Group is one of the largest providers of K9 Security Teams in Australia. We provide K9 Teams across multiple critical infrastructure sites for government & private facilities as well as car parks, schools and rail yards. The mere presence of a well presented and highly trained K9 Team is one of the greatest deterrents for vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour. We utilise a well-founded K9 selection process. Through years of refinement, we have established some of the best K9 and Handler teams in Australia.

To ensure the best visibility, and therefore the most discouragement to anyone seeking to commit any unwanted act, many of our handlers choose to partner with German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Belgium Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. Our K9’s and their handlers forge a strong bond during hundreds of hours of behavioural, temperament and attentiveness training.

Our highly trained Security K9’s use their superior sensory attributes to detect trespassers, identify threats and alert their Handler to the presence of intruders.

Each Infront K9 Team is required to undergo regular training conducted by qualified instructors with an operational background in Law Enforcement or Military service.

Infront K9 Teams must first pass a pre-employment assessment where the K9 and Handler are able to demonstrate competency in obedience, protection and safety within multiple social and environmental settings to ensure they are suitable for security work.

K9 Teams are graded and subsequently deployed in accordance with their level of skill, guaranteeing a fit for purpose service to our clients.

“Static K9 Teams are an extremely effective visual deterrent on any site. Deployed correctly, a K9 Team can significantly reduce the manpower cost to clients.” – Daniel Lim-Bromilow (Operations Manager – K9 Security)

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