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Security Over the Festive Season

Christmas can be seen as a “perfect storm,” of security problems. Regardless of your industry, there are numerous issues that present themselves and a number of psychological challenges that we all end up facing in some way or form.
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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Security Company?

Choosing a security company to partner with should be about more than trial and error. Sadly, many businesses are too quick in their selection process and end up having to turn over security partners due to poor performance.
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How A Security Presence Can Help Reduce On-site Crime

Security professionals are obviously a deterrent for criminals. Having a trained security officer watching you will statistically decrease criminal intent exponentially. Importantly, having a security guard present will also increase the accountability of staff, as security will usually speak to senior management.
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Security Operator Training: Training Done Right

At Infront, we pride ourselves on the skills of our personnel and the knowledge of our leaders. In today’s ever-changing world, security professionals need to be aware of innovations, potential threats and anything else that could impact on their ability to do their job effectively.