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The Infront Group is a leading Queensland owned and operated security provider. Since inception in 2002, The Infront Group has fostered an enviable reputation based on the strength and experience of our management team and our highly trained and expert security officers.

Infront has an extensive pool of staff.  We provide professional security officers, including K9 & Handler teams, Static Guards, Mobile Patrol, Cash in Transit and expert security and risk advisors to Government, Corporate, Event, Premium Hospitality, Hotel and Luxury Retail clients.

The entire Infront Group is underpinned by a steadfast quality assured, accredited and technology backed management system.

To ensure your security remains In Front of and a greater deterrent than your competitors, your first choice should always be Infront Group.


Infront is recognised as one of Queensland’s leading security providers. With a large pool of staff providing a range of security services, Infront can meet your requirements throughout Queensland.


Infront is proudly Queensland owned and operated. Established in 2002, our company mission is to deliver the highest quality, skilled services and advice across all areas of security.


Infront’s methodology centres on working together with our clients to develop a full turn-key security solution that will not only meet your requirements, but exceed them.


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Our Approach

Infront’s approach to customer service best practice is based on the internationally recognised and trusted “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model.
By following this model, our team will develop and provide a bespoke security solution for you and your organisation.


Infront is underpinned by Equal Assurance accreditation and is a member of the BSCAA Queensland and ASIAL.

Infront Groups Accreditation
  • Employees

    With a pool of expert staff, our clients know they are always in safe hands.

  • Solutions

    Developed by experienced and highly skilled management. Executed by fully licenced, hand-picked officers.

  • Certified

    Underpinned by quality assurance, (ISO 9001:2015), Health & Safety (AS4421), and Environment (ISO 14001) certification.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Dedicated to industry evolution and innovation through operational transparency and ongoing improvement, quality assurance, audits, and reporting.

  • Technology

    We utilise UniGuard handheld, mobile and microchip technology, capturing real time data during security patrols and alarm responses. Additionally, we utilise our own internally engineered, agnostic, multi-device technology for activities such as Recruitment, HR, Log Book and Incident reporting – all underpinned by our robust CRM. Our technology assists clients to meet regulatory and legislative requirements.

Committed to Advancing the Industry

Infront has a dedicated Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our RTO allows us to develop and deliver the highest quality training programs to our staff and new people entering the vocation. Each training course prepares our guards with the skills required to meet the individual needs of our clients, no matter what the industry.

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What others say about us

“Infront Security Group provides value for money, with a focus on quality and flexibility to meet service demands. Infront Security Group has a very professional approach to the provision of security services and manpower, and always looks to add value to the provision of these services. Energy Queensland would recommend Infront Security Group as a quality security provider worthy of your consideration.”

“The capability and commitment displayed by your team was great. Colour Me Brisbane was an extremely large project which was envisioned and rolled out in a relatively short time frame. Meeting these timeframes would not have been possible without the hard work demonstrated by your team…Infront’s work [was] always undertaken in a safe, good humoured and thorough manner”

“Infront Security has been our preferred Security provider in SE QLD for well over 8years.  Infront continues to provide us with exceptional service and consistently meeting our every requirement to the highest of standards. The teams stationed permanently on site are vigilant, customer focused and go above and beyond to ensure that the integrity of our sites are maintained.”

“Incitec Pivot Limited’s Manufacturing Plant in Brisbane has enjoyed a strong partnership with Infront Security for over ten years. During this time, Infront Security has provided a professional on-site security service tailored to the needs of our Plant”