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Tips for Deploying New Security Teams Effectively


The effective management and allocation of security guards depends very much on the assignment. An industrial warehouse has different requirements to an office block. Here we have provided a few tips for deploying new security teams effectively.

Step one, and before you begin the hiring process, it’s important you understand your needs and the expectations and processes that are relevant to your location. Begin by creating a list of the reasons that you are hiring security guards in the first place. Perhaps you have a temporarily unsecured location that needs reactive protection. In this instance, you may have concerns that property will be stolen, computers accessed, or the location damaged.

Step two, alongside each of the reasons, right down what you expect the security guard to do. You may want them to perform regular checks of potential areas of breach, make themselves noticed to passers-by, or ensure all information technology is unplugged.

Once you have hired your security team, take them through a detailed briefing – including your concerns and expectations.

Tell them that they have been hired because tradespeople needed to take down the security system for a week, and there has been a lot of crime and vandalism in the neighbourhood lately. Let them know that there is a hole in the fence on the south side of the location, and a security guard should shine a torch in that direction every hour to make sure anyone watching that potential entry point knows security is watching also. Tell them that there is a pedestrian thoroughfare just out of sight, beyond the tree line.

All the things that are common knowledge to you and perhaps your staff, are most likely complete unknowns to your new security team. This information will help them be effective in their role and gain a thorough understanding of the location and the reasons they are there.

Step three, explain to the guards how you want them to respond in the event of an incident. Should they call the police immediately if they see someone trespassing? Should they challenge the intruder from a distance by shining a torch in their direction? How should they report back to you, beyond logging any incidents and patrols? Are you available on mobile if they are unsure of anything, or do you trust their best judgement?

By taking the time to be thorough – both before and after hiring security guards – you can give them the best chance of being effective. What’s good for one location doesn’t suit another, so don’t make any assumptions as to what they already know or don’t know. Take your time, induct them properly and your property, customers and staff will be well protected.

Finally, communication is critical when it comes to the deployment of any security teams. The first step is not to assume that any security guard knows what you know. Make them aware of any areas they should focus on and facilitate them in understanding the intricacies of your needs.

These are just a few tips for deploying new security teams effectively, don’t get bogged down in too much detail, make your lists but always communicate with your guards and ask them for feedback too.  You aren’t expected to know everything, and an experienced security operator will always be able to assist you in ways to improve your locations security.

The security needs of business’s have changed considerably in the 20 years since Infront started. In this time, we have developed and evolved our security offerings to meet these needs. We provide a wide variety of security services to a vast range of industries. We draw on this experience to offer you these valuable, relevant and useful tips and articles so that you can implement them in your business. Our real strength however, is in evaluating and providing bespoke security solution for you and your organisation.

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