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K9 Security Units – The Best Defence

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K9 Security Units are the discreet and professional security service that ensures every aspect of your security project is protected.

A K9 Unit offers multiple advantages for any security project. Besides the increased professionalism and vigilance that a well trained K9 demonstrates, they also expand the parameters available for all security staff.

Case Study

An intruder enters your premises to steal your property…

If your company utilises a Security Guard or Monitoring Officer

A Security Guard can only use visual or auditory signs and cues to alert them to a break-in. Therefore, a security guard or a security camera operator, will look and listen for any signs of a breach of entry and then seek the location of the perpetrator. Upon alerting the police that a break-in has occurred, they will investigate the means and method of escape, to provide the police with their best chance of apprehending the criminal. Arriving on the scene the police can be directed to where the break-in occurred and the likely direction of escape.

If you company utilises a K9 Security Unit

With heightened senses, a K9 is likely to be alerted to a breach immediately. The dog will hear the breaking of glass, a door being tampered with or a roller door opening. The K9 will alert the handler that something isn’t right and direct them to the location of the noise.

If the noise is not audible to the dog, they will often pickup a scent that is not normal in the location, and again, alert their handler. Once the scent is located, investigated and a breach is confirmed, the handler will contact the police and immediately set out tracking the perpetrator. If the perpetrator has already fled the scene, a K9 and its Handler are not left guessing at the means of escape, they are literally ‘sniffing out’ a path for police to follow.

Upon arrival, the police will have to catch up with the K9 Unit – hot on the trail of the wrongdoer, giving the police the best opportunity to apprehending the criminal.


In short, utilising a K9 Security Unit generally reduces the crucial minutes in which a breach is identified, police are alerted and the exact location of the offender; these crucial minutes can make a massive difference.

There is a reason that K9s make such ideal members of any security team – they have no bias, no hesitation and follow the commands of their handler without exception. Our handlers often speak of their fears being alleviated by the courage of their K9. A dog, once trained to be a security K9, does not experience the same fear, apprehension or hesitation a human partner might.


Perhaps the most important benefit from choosing a K9 Security Unit, is that would be thieves know just how effective they are! A property with a regular K9 patrol isn’t just risky from an entry standpoint, but also carries a much higher risk of detection and capture.

Our approach to K9 Security Units is based on providing a high standard of regular and on-going training – at least fortnightly – which greatly exceeds the current Queensland legislative requirements. Our Instructors have extensive experience in both military and civilian police environments, both locally and internationally.

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