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3 Simple Ways to Improve Business Security


3 Simple Ways to Improve Business Security

Business security breaches are commonly caused by minor indiscretions or poor internal systems. Here are 3 simple ways to improve business security and avoid potential targeting from criminals. Starting here can help avoid your business becoming a statistic.

Dispose of Paper Responsibly

“Dumpster diving” is a term used by corporate criminals to describe gaining access to sensitive or documents that have been disposed of incorrectly.

Ironically, with companies now having more information online, paper targets are more accessible and easier to identify. After all, we no longer need to print off memos, write down appointments or deliver handwritten messages. Therefore, the information on paper is usually far more valuable than it used to be.

Companies overcome this by using a document destruction service or having a commercial shredder, but it’s the documents that aren’t disposed of that should be of primary concern.

Dumpster diving doesn’t necessarily mean clambering through piles of rubbish, it could also mean gaining access to a filing cabinet, or a set of drawers.

Make sure your internal policies don’t just deal with the destruction of documents, but also how active documents are disposed of. Sensitive papers that need to be kept should be done so under the strictest of security.


Do you have an internal policy for email? Does it go beyond appropriate use? “Phishing” Is the term used to describe emails that encourage users to download documents, which will then introduce spyware, viruses or other unsavoury elements to your system.

Make sure your online security is well structured, your providers of the highest calibre, and your team aware of potential threats.


Now that online security has become so important, many businesses overlook the basics of physical security. Many criminals now rely on this, focusing low-tech solutions as security conscious businesses have become more sophisticated.

Do you know who has access to which areas in your building? Do you have locked areas that only senior managers have access to? Do you have a system that tells you when people have accessed the building, and which areas? Do you use security cameras?

While these things may seem unimportant now, it only takes one breach for the security system or the guards you didn’t implement to look like  a more cost effective solution.

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