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Time to Start Thinking Security Services for the Holidays


With the holiday season looming, it’s time to start thinking about your security requirements and how they need to be adapted. Here is a quick and simple list of things to keep in mind when planning your security services for the holidays.

More Than Customer Foot Traffic

For many businesses, the holidays mean more people on the premises. Perhaps contractors for packing goods following a sale, or temporary workers to cover for breaks taken by permanent staff. It pays to think about any areas that may become less secure due to unusual circumstances and put measures in place to reduce the risks of shrinkage or accidental loss. The realignment of security cameras or additional security staff can act as a good deterrent, but the best way to discourage illegal behaviour is a robust security system that is explained during onboarding for all new team members.

Your Online Presence

Have a think about your online website and any potential areas of exposure during the holidays. Will you have additional online traffic? Who else will have access to secure parts of your website as a result? Are there any access points that can potentially be manipulated? Think carefully about how people get around your website and assign a few trusted team members to try to attempt to gain access to sensitive material. With a bit of effort, you can avoid costly breaches.

Your Traditional Areas of Exposure

More customers, more sales, more people in general means an increased risk across the board. Often, there is an element of cross-pollination, where – for example – more staff on a shop floor means thieves have more chances to take stock. Consider worst-case scenarios and work backwards from there. Do you need an increased security presence? More specialised teams? More patrols at regular intervals? Whatever it is, put plans in place and don’t take it for granted; remember, complacency is not a security strategy.

Infront Group’s Solution

Our dedicated team of security specialists can provide solutions to assist you during these times of increased risk. Our Risk and Advisory Services division can help highlight potential areas to focus on. A Customer Service orientated guard on your premises during increased periods of foot traffic can provide a visible deterrent to would be thieves. Utilising a Mobile Patrol to check your location is secure, after hours, will safeguard you against any miss haps that tired staff might make when locking up or securing stock in loading bays or open areas.

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