Vital frontline role performed by security guards

The Vital Role Performed by Security Guards

There is no doubt that the past two years has highlighted the vital role performed by security guards in helping to maintain the health of people, and assist in property and businesses safe.

The security industry – like many others, has seen countless disruptions during 2020 and 2021.  Event cancellations, Retail shutdowns, Venue closures, Transport & Logistic and Business interruptions cost the industry tens of millions in expected revenue – to name just a few. These losses and disruptions to the normal pre-COVID business undertakings, we saw a shift in the requirements for security around the country.

The shift from entertainment and property security, gave way to providing security and public safety services across many areas. These included assisting and directing the movement of people to maintaining social distancing at hospitals, critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets through to monitoring alarms and securing hotels housing quarantined returned travellers across the country.

Across the industry, we’ve seen the mobilisation of thousands of security personnel rapidly, in some instances with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Throughout the pandemic thousands of dedicated and hardworking security officers have shown up for duty 24/7 to help keep us safe. They perform their duties to a high level in accordance with standard operating procedures and protocols, client instructions, agency control measures and site-specific requirements, including infection control management practices.

We are proud to be a part of an industry that is entrusted with keeping the Australian public safe and healthy, during such trying times. We wish to acknowledge all the Security companies around Australia for their hard work and we want to recognise the vital role performed by security guards and thank them for their dedication and willingness to stand on the frontline to defend the health of people they don’t know.

A very special thank you to all the Infront Group guards for your commitment to our clients during potentially the toughest few years encountered in recent memory. We now look forward to setting our sights on returning to normal.

We would like to introduce the leadership team at Infront that has worked tirelessly alongside our clients in navigating these challenges -> Meet The Team!